CS 107 Introduction to Data Processing

Fall 2005

Section 1 - Mon & Wed - 1:00PM to 2:20PM

Creating a Header for Documents

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In Class Work

All assignments must include a header with the following information:

  • Student's Name
  • Course and Section
  • Assignment name
  • Due date
Please see Office 2003, WD pgs 101-2, for more information

A header is a line of text that appears in the margin at the top of every page of a document. To add a header to any Microsoft Office document, follow these steps:

  1. Open the document to which a header is to be added.
  2. Select View|Header and Footer from the menu bar. This will open the Header/Footer pop-up menu. The header section will be denoted on the top of the page. The insertion cursor will be flashing in the top left of the header section.
  3. Type in your name, course number, and section number.
  4. Press the <Tab> key and type in the name of the assignment. This should be centered in the header.
  5. Press the <Tab> again and type on the due date of the assignment. This should be right justified in the header.
  6. When you are done entering the header information, click on the close button of the header pop-up menu.
Last Updated: 8/15/05