CS 107 Introduction to Computers

Spring 2007

Search Engine Scavenger Hunt

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The purpose of this exercise to see how well you can do using a search engine to find out some rather obscure information. Working with you team members try to find as many of the items listed below as possible.

For each answer that you find, write down the answer AND the URL of the web site where you found it.

Make sure to write all your team members' names down on your answer sheet so every one gets extra credit.

  1. Find another of the course instructor's domains - NOT ttsw.com.
  2. What is this man doing and in what year is he doing it?
  3. In what year was Bill Gates arrested and what was he arrested for?
  4. This is one of the first computers - What was the name and what number system was used in this computer?
  5. What where the original names for the following ?
  6. Who predicted that the number of transistors on a computer chip would double every 18 months and what is this trend called?
  7. What was the first item ever sold on Ebay?
  8.  In 1958, what major contribution did this man make and what is his name?
  9. What was the forerunner to the Internet called - find at least two of the original nodes on this network.
  10. Who invented the mouse?
  11. Who founded Napster?
  12. What is the architecture of a computer network called - find the name of at least two.
  13.  What is the name of this nonprogrammable computer and what university was involved with its development?
  14. ;-)
    - What is this called - find at least 5 examples
  15. How is a trojan horse different from a worm?
  16. What did the Soviet Union do in 1957 to cause the U.S. Department of Defense form the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) and NASA the following year?
  17.  What was the first software product from this company and on what medium was it distributed?
  18. What is Grid computing - find an example
  19. What is the name of the project dedicated to making copyright-free works available in electronic form?
  20. In programming terms, what is meant by inheritance?
  21. Apple's famous "1984" commercial air on TV only once, during the 1984 Superbowl. What one other time was it publicly played and why?
  22. What are the top three countries that commit software piracy?
  23. The Usenet developed as a network bulletin board between two universities in what state?
  24. What does a cookie do?
  25.  Who is this woman and what is she famous for?
  26. What technology is named for a danish king?
  27. In what year did the World Wide Web surpass FTP to become the most popular Internet Service?
  28. Is the following statement true or false: A Romanian couple named their son 'Yahoo' as a sign of gratitude for their having met over the Internet.
  29. Craig Newmark founded what in 1995?
  30. Find two blogs which discuss the topic of home brewing beer.
  31. Which online service offered the first free web-based e-mail?
  32. What is the two character Top-Level Domain for the following countries - Mayotte, East Timor, Cayman Islands, and Antartica.
  33. What microblogging service was asked be the United States State Department to delay scheduled maintenance downtime in June of 2009? What was the reason for this request?
  34. What is "Goolag"? What group was behind it?
  35. What is "The Cloud"? Find 2 cloud web services.
  36. What is "SaaS" and why would you use it?
  37. What is bit-torrent? What is it used for? Find one web site that uses bit-torrent.
  38. Congress is proposing a new law called "SOPA". Find one web site that supports SOPA and on web site that doesn't support SOPA.
  39. What is a "flash mob"? Find one example.
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